Plunder Time- First Draw and More!

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Plunder Time- First Draw and More!

Post by Dave » Sun Jun 06, 2021 4:31 pm

The whole Anteus thing was just a few hours long from clear sky to clear sky. It was all wrapped up by 9:30-10 am.

The below happens throughout the day, here and there. It is assumed that all of the Forsaken are present for each thing.

Post up questions/interactions for Inspiration. That’s a thing now.

There will be all the time you guys need to go through this on Tuesday. You can still post too.
Tim- We have pressed slaves into service to make up for the loss of speciespower experienced during the invasion. In town they are being used to gather whatever bulk food, medical supplies and military equipment that can be found. The bugbears are very capable taskmasters.

Now that the alabaster guardian has been destroyed, a group of slaves and bugbears have been tasked to scour the battlefield from the Watchtower to the Portal. Weapons, armor and usable military equipment are being salvaged and collected. The stripped corpses of fallen man and mount are being left to rot. When the portal opens, the Avenarians will be welcomed home with a red carpet.

Your followers have been tasked with looting and desecrating the various churches and shrines in town. They are also looting the larger inns and homes.

The statue on the pillar in the square is being reserved for you, my Lords. If you wish it to be toppled by the slaves we have made of his conquered people, than it shall be done. If any of you wish to entertain another plan, then that will be done.

Potions, rubbers, scrolls and suspected magic items are to be brought to me directly. We should be able to equip your followers well my Lords. What we can’t carry out with us, we will destroy.

5000 gp in coin, gem, jewelry
5000 gp in mostly Avenarian based works of art- paintings, statues, tapestries, etc

Pots n stuff
5 Cure 5
7 Cure 3
11 Cure 1
Scroll- Mass Cure Wounds at 7th level- 5d8+5
Scroll- Heal at 7th level- 70 hp
Scroll- Regenerate
Scroll- Greater Restoration

The below come together in a case that is not unlike a pelican case that isn’t all that anachronistic, but kinda is. There is also a letter in the case.
Cracker- Bless
Cracker- Aid
Cracker- Silence

Garavel- Hands a metal heater shield to Xander. It is battered and beaten and has clearly been burnt. However, it remains very sturdy and bears the symbol of Karamaka’s Rose. The symbol is not tarnished or damaged in any way.

He says- It came from a shrine to some dead saint or another. Had a placard saying it was “once borne by a knight of Karamaka who was slain and now burns in the fire of judgement” or something like that.

Ritual ID at your leisure reveals its a +2 shield with symbol of Karamaka, battered and showing signs of being severely beaten upon, can act as a focus or holy symbol. Symbol is immutable and cannot be tarnished.
Readyrock- Boss, the Halflings had a plan for this for sure. There’s a bunch of dwarves with them too. We’re pretty sure a lot of them already got to the mountains. We gotta take care of the forest problem first, cause we’re not leaving that at our back. They are sneaky like that, right little boss? Just messing with you, you know I ain’t no speciesist. The problem is the forest doesn’t like burning so much. I mean it kinda burns a little, but somethings going on. Be nice when those hell hounds get back up to strength.

Looks like there were some warrior types that were here that were not attached to the defending regiment. We managed to get a couple of them who had already connected with the Halflings. We think they were just on a regular pilgrimage when we showed up. Also looks like they left their armor at home. Suckers. Dunno how many of them there are. If the couple we got are any indication, whoever they are, they give as much as they take and they take a lot. Pretty good with those axes and greatswords too. Huh. Nah. Anyways, yeah.
Izavel- My lords, remember my portent: The mountain must be climbed. It has been warded against magical flying and translocation magic of any kind. The devoted clerics, monks, and paladins of the Avenarian Church climb it in a rite of devotion. The climb is not particularly difficult, but it must be done. The flying ward is maintained by something near the top of the mountain. I know not what shape or form it holds.

There is another on the Mountain that tends to the Guardian Flame. Her mournful song of past betrayals has become a lamentation for the people slain in the Vale. She is of the flame as it is of her.
Raiju- Doesn’t really have much to say. Hangs around. Mentions something about scouting the mountains for halflings and dwarves. That and bonuses being paid up to date. Hangs around some more.
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