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Something of a Summary

Post by Dave » Wed Aug 18, 2021 9:19 pm

Here you go:

Mission Objectives-
Kill everyone in the Vale
Extinguish the 3 Sacred Flames- Mt. of the Phoenix, Garden of Serenity, Cathedral of Avenar Made Manifest
Plunder the treasury

The planar barrier will fall in 10 days. (From the dawn of the day after you killed Sulimein)

Undead and fiends in the Vale are under the following effects-
Saving throws and all ability checks are at disadvantage. Initiative is an ability check.
Izavel has told you that she thinks these are tied to the three sacred flames.
Extinguishing the Guardian Flame removed the healing penalty that Tim, Grim, and the hellhounds were suffering under.

Tim is overseeing the plundering of Sanctum and the murder of it’s inhabitants.

Grimnok has been recovering since the fight with Anteus. Once the Guardian Flame is extinguished (Izavel was working on that), he will recover very quickly.

Garavel is leading up the plundering operation. He is keeping the bugbears honest and seeing that they are doing a thorough job.

Your minions are helping out Garavel and Tim with loot chores and interrogations.

Most of the halflings in Sanctum managed to get out before the Watchtower fell. They brought a bunch of dwarves and apparently some barbarians with them. They are sheltering in the mountains. They have been sneaking villagers out of town and are using the forest to the west of Sanctum as a stopping off point on the way to where they are hiding.

Readyrock and the orcs have been tasked with hunting them down.

The forest west of Sanctum appears to be resisting attempts to burn it down.

Total forces remaining-
65 orcs
90 bugbears
20 minions
24 infernal griffons
3 hell hounds

The hell hounds are almost fully recovered from whatever happened to them during the assault on the Watchtower.

The bugbears have enslaved the population of Sanctum, and are using them to gather plunder. They are hitting the Pilgrim’s Road from the Watchtower to the Saintsbridge gate and the town.

Raiju is reconnoitering the mountains west of Sanctum, looking for the halflings and dwarves.

Izavel is extinguishing the Guardian Flame on top of the Mountain of the Phoenix. She will meet you on the way to the Garden of Serenity.

Izavel was given the True Egg of the Phoenix. She said that she will use it to correct an injustice, and that there will most definitely be a response for doing so.

The Cathedral of Avenar Made Manifest is only approachable on the ground via the Garden of Serenity.

At least part of the Garden of Serenity is a hedge maze type labyrinth. There are riddles involved with successfully navigating it.

Ever since the Forsaken killed Anteus the Grateful there has been a massive storm over Mt. Avernarius.

Izavel has made some prophecies-

Sulimein’s mate will be the one to break the barrier.

In 7 days, something will come from the north and destroy all of the invaders. (Timed as above)

There is an Avenarian Seer in the Vale. She is more powerful than Izavel, and like Izavel, has paid a steep price for her power. The Non-detection items of the party are doing their job, but Izavel thinks that she is still somewhat able to keep tabs on what is going on. “She is not totally blind, but limited.”

Izavel cannot see into the garden labyrinth or the cathedral.

Izavel has said that those that enter the Cathedral will be “marked” in some way. She says that she really can’t elaborate much more on what that means beyond the servants of Avenar will know.
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