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Izavel Says

Posted: Tue Aug 31, 2021 7:03 pm
by Dave
“My Lords, I trust that you are rested. I saw the glint of armor on dock landing as I was approaching. They are undoubtedly the first of many defenders of the garden and cathedral.

“My lords, Ara Mathra will have kept some forces in reserve, though I doubt that there are many defenders left. The Lord-Abbott was not in Sanctum or on the field of battle. I suspect that he is in the Cathedral. He will have attendants with him.

“As I have said, Avenar’s seer will not be alone. I have no idea who or what may be with her.

“Interrogations have revealed that there are visitors to the Vale that were trapped here when you sealed this plane. Whether or not they get involved and to what degree that involvement might be, I cannot say. I think that they would willingly join the in the defense of the Cathedral out of a sense of obligation. Still, this might not be a fight that some visitors will be willing to die for. It would be best to see that they do.

“It is very probable that there are beings that live in the Garden and the Cathedral. One of these will be Ara Mathra’s consort. She will be powerful in her own right. She will be near Ara Mathra, and will most certainly fight to the death. Of the others, I do not know. Many powerful celestials, much more powerful than the archons you have already faced, are resistant to magic. Your lesser spells may have no effect on these.

“Ara Mathra himself is one of Avenar’s most powerful servants. He has felt the death of everyone and everything that you have slain in your crusade. He will know you and all that you have done. His wrath will be great. He will be guarding the Flame Undying in the Cathedral. When you defeat him and extinguish the flame, the Church of Avenar will be dealt major blow. As the paladins and priest of Avenar ascend in their ranks, they must make a pilgrimage to this flame to gain the full measure of their power. Without the ability to so, his church will struggle to replenish their ranks.

“I believe that all of them are being guided by Avenar’s seer. Though I cannot see for certain, I believe that she is in the Garden. If that is true, then I would think that she would be guarding the Flame Beneficent. Again, she will not be alone. Perhaps she is joined by the Lord Abbott of this place, or a small host of celestials. I have no idea.

“It would be foolish for me to enter the garden and seek her out with you. My powers would be useless, she will see to that. She would see me destroyed first, and I have not come here for that. No my lords, I will not set foot upon the dock ahead until I receive word from you that she has been dealt with.”

Re: Izavel Says

Posted: Tue Sep 07, 2021 7:54 pm
by Dave
After the legion archons are destroyed-

“My lords, I will take the boat to see Nacross Falls. It is said that their beauty is unparalleled in the natural world, and I would very much like to judge that for myself. There have also been reports of pilgrims being healed by its mists. I am sure that as Avenar measures piety, he would find me unworthy of such a blessing and I would deny it if he offered. Just the same, I wish to take it in. If your pilot would be able to accompany me, you would have my thanks. I am a pleasant traveling companion.

“When you have dealt with Avenar’s Seer and extinguished the Flame Beneficent, send to me. I will then enter the Garden, and see that the flame is properly desecrated. Remember, I will not follow you into the Cathedral or its grounds. I will assist your cohorts in reaching it if you call for them, and I will answer your sendings if I am able. You must extinguish the Flame Undying without my help.

“My lords, in seven days Avenar’s Justice will come and be delivered to all who have defiled this Holy place. There will be no escape from this judgement. You must stop it from coming. If it is to come from the Cathedral, killing everyone in it should stop that future from being realized.

“I will meet you here at the dock when you have completed your mission. This boat will be tied to the dock after I am done with my excursion, and I will return to the Temple of the Phoenix until then. Unless you have any questions of me, I am hopeful that we will see each other soon enough.”