Sembethe and The Master of Serenity

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Sembethe and The Master of Serenity

Post by Dave » Mon Oct 04, 2021 10:10 pm

The Oracle, Sembethe is not from the same Prime Plane that Arre is found in. As such, there are things about her appearance that are slightly otherworldly. Her physical appearance can be described as “exotic” even for an Aasimar. Her hair is a mix of silvery and golden, and her skin is fair. Her eyes are ice blue. Most would consider her to be beautiful.

If she has any physical feature that could considered flawed, it is her left leg. That leg is withered and lame. Her only comment about her leg is that it is a reminder that there are prices that must be paid.

The Master of Serenity is a early middle age human that stands about 5’ 5”. His deep almond skin is not without wrinkles and scars. He has a very athletic build. His shoulder length hair is unruly. The look on his face is one of grim determination.

His linen robes are dark blue and embroidered with a simple Avenarian sunburst on the left chest. His tabby toe boots are of a darker blue than his robes. He wears a sash of silver silk that has a small blade tucked into it. He also is wearing leather bracers that are engraved with symbols of the various Avenarian monastic traditions. His naginata stands about 6ft. It’s large curved blade is made of a strange silver metal with a wide edge made of diamond. The shaft is a pale golden wood that is ornately carved. The butt cap is made of the same metal as the blade and set with a fist sized uncarved diamond.
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