Izavel and the Waterfall

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Izavel and the Waterfall

Post by Dave » Tue Jan 18, 2022 10:27 pm

This is some of the stuff Izavel said and some stuff about the cave behind the waterfall. Izavel also said that she will not be returning to Arre with you when the barrier falls, she has her own way out. She also said in no uncertain terms that if you treat her as an enemy before then, she will turn on your efforts and make things as difficult as she can. She recognized that the Forsaken could destroy her, but expressed doubts they could catch her to do so before the barrier falls.

She said that Sembethe is probably on Mt. Averanrius, and is watching you guys. She said that Sembethe will not fight you, but will try to stay ahead of you. She believes time is on her side. Izavel will not assist in hunting for Sembethe and actually said that she should survive to tell about what has happened here.

If asked about what is going on/what she has been up to-

“To best answer that my Lords, I believe that we should delay our return to Sanctum. I know that the Mother of Fire is soon to come to her nest, but your question will better be answered by your own eyes. I will help you understand what you seek to understand.”

(If the party agrees, she will steer the boat towards the falls. She will make small talk, act as an oracle, get into whatever the party wants to chat about as long as its small talk stuff.)

When they arrive at the falls, she pulls about 100’ out and says-

“Behind the waterfall there is, of course, a passage. I have no doubt that my Lord (indicating Xander) will be able to find it, where it would otherwise remain unseen. Your answers lie in a small cave beyond the waterfall. The tunnel is tight, so Grimnok may find the passage too difficult to traverse. There is nothing at the end of the passage my Lords that can harm you, and no danger on my part on this vessel. I will wait for you here.”

The Cave Behind the Waterfall-

With a little difficulty, the Forsaken find a crack in the wall behind Necross Falls. If this is a natural feature or something created it is impossible to tell. Either way, it takes some teamwork resource to make this happen.

The crack leads to a double switchback kind of thing that is very tight. Grimnok just can’t squeeze through without some kind of extra effort. Whatever that means. There is a pretty tight tunnel beyond the crack. Valak has a tough time moving through what with all the armor and shield and probably with sword in hand because damn skippy.

A considerable distance later, it opens to a smallish cavern. There are no exits. There are a few notable features:

1- there is a considerable amount of bioluminescent fungus in the cavern. It covers the walls and ceiling, and reaches into the pool of water.

2- there is a pool of water in the center of the cavern. The water is crystal clear. At the bottom of the pool is the skeleton of some kind of creature. Is it a demon or devil? Dragon or dinosaur? Maybe some kind of weird goth angel thing? You decide! There are many places in the pond where the fungus has branches that extend into the pool.

3- the remains of your man who piloted the boat up here are laid out on the west side of the pool. There’s a lot of blood around him. (Arcana check) Some kind of ritual of transition or transference was performed. The high priest in the ring will speak up.

Spells and checks will show nothing certain.

Upon returning to the boat-

“I first came to know of it’s existence a long time ago. I confess that I cannot say for certain when. I know neither it’s nature nor it’s name. It may predate Avenar’s ascension. I know that in that past time, it waged war against the gods themselves and the gods did tremble before it. I know that some gods tried to stand against it alone, and they were destroyed for their weakness. It took the combined might of many gods to subdue it, and even then they could only diminish it so that it could be imprisoned in this place.”

If asked any variation of “WTF are you trying to do here”-

“My Lords, I will return to Arre with it. I will foster it until it has regained it’s strength, then release it to continue it’s war. I am not foolish enough to think I can control it. In fact, I have no desire to do so.”

The below wasn’t not actually said because you never cast Zone of Truth, but is being shared for fun.

If any kind of spell to determine truth is cast-
“If it makes you feel comfortable my Lord, then do as you will. I do not lie. To do so would belittle the sacrifices that I have made. Know that I have spent quite a bit of time studying each of you.

“I think that the nature of our relationship warrants such ‘comfort’, as you apparently agree. It is best if we are clear with each other in our expectations and parameters of our partnership, as I have been throughout our time together.”
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