Tim’s Briefing

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Tim’s Briefing

Post by Dave » Tue Jan 25, 2022 7:29 pm

The Briefing

Tim- “Lords, I bid you welcome back to Sanctum. I trust that you did not have too much trouble in the garden and cathedral. A victory feast has been prepared and your chambers made ready.

“First, with your leave Lord Valak, we shall brief you on the current situation.”

Current forces remaining in the Vale- there have been a few loses since the Forsaken went north.

45 orcs
80 bugbears
15 minions
20 infernal griffons
3 hell hounds

Garavel- The plunder is complete. All the good stuff is in the square. It is organized and ready to go. Crates on carts and wagons.

Food stores and supplies not being taken are being destroyed.

Final draw

5k gp in coin, gems, jewels
10k gp in art of various media, mostly in praise of Avenar

Magic Rod

Brandon the Bugbear- has a really nice wine that is not unlike a shiraz. Jeroboam yo. Drinking out of a brainball. “Here’s to Unca Yokus!”

Currently in the process of eliminating the populace. Sacrifices at the various shrines and chapels about town are the norm. The biggest church in town has been converted to a place of nightmares. Its vile. Theater of the mind.

The dead in the field have been stacked/arranged. Horses and griffons too. There are a few strung up on the Watchtower. There is quite the pile of skulls accumulating where the Pilgrim’s Path enters the square. Grisly welcome. Theater of the mind.

A few have found enough courage to fight back, and those are the ones strung up on the watchtower. Had to crack on the boys for getting slack.

There are 300 or so villagers left alive in Sanctum. Slave labor/joy division- so much evil. Theater of the mind.

How would you like to kill the remaining townsfolk? BME!
Readyrock- “Well boss (to no one in particular),even with the hell hounds and infernal griffons clearing the forest is turning out to be a pretty tough task. We stopped the rescue operation, but progress is slow and there have been loses. I don’t think that we can finish the job there and get to the Dwarven Shrine before the barrier drops.

“If you can kick in some of the Headtakers, that would be helpful. Now if the wizard bosses of the Forsaken were to join us, we can get that wrapped up in a day or so. Bet you little bosses would get a kick out of dumping a bunch of fireballs and what not from the backs of a couple of griffons. There’s some griffon saddles and harnesses in the gear pile in the square.“

“And I gotta tell you something little boss (indicating Xander). Me and the boys have stepped up to all kinds of bastards from all kinds of races. Your kin in that forest are some of biggest bastards we have seen in a long time. Respect. There’s also a few non-halflings been fighting along side of them. A few rangers, maybe a druid or two. Its been hard to put a number on how many defenders there actually are what with all the ambush hit and run tactics they use. They’ve managed to drop a few of the griffons, and damn near took out one of the hounds.

How do you guys want to reinforce the orcs?


Raiju- “Lords, there is a dwarven made shrine built into a mountain to the west. I have explored some of it, and taken stock of the fortification and its defenders. I was very careful to not give myself away. There are maybe 3 dozen defenders, half of which are dwarves. There are also halfing scouts there, and a few humans. I managed to get inside of the shrine undetected. There are a lot of villagers in there. Not sure how many, but maybe as many as 200.”

Its not much of a fortification out front, but it goes pretty deep into the mountain. Lots of chambers and halls. 12’ high wall with a smallish hole in it, set straight across the inset front of the shrine. Steps going up into the entry way. Big entry way, with halls and passages. Lots of chambers and halls. Best guess is that it can hold as many as 500 comfortably.

There is also a quarry that looks like the source for all that alabaster used to build such structures here and on Arre. It’s not very far from the shrine. It covers a significant amount of area in the mountains to the north of the Dwarven Shrine. I have not really explored it. All kinds of equipment, buildings, mining apparatus, etc all in good order and repair. There are the forms of 4 Alabaster Guardians there. They look inert.

When do you guys want to tackle this? Stealth mission? Minion assistance?

After the updates, Tim will dismiss everyone but Garavel.

“This is not for the ears of any but yours. “Some of the minions are showing signs of disease. Those apparently infected are physically exhausted, with perennial red eyes. A few of them have started weeping excessively. We have quarantined them in a small tavern just off the square. I have been examining the minions every day. Any who show signs are taken to the tavern. There are currently 5 minions infected. There are also a dozen villagers that show the same symptoms with them

How did they catch it? Who has the ToA vax?

Don’t forget to topple the pillar in the square. Should be theatrical as fuck… Be creative, be more evil.
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