Ask Baroness Vanya Anything!

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Ask Baroness Vanya Anything!

Post by Dave » Tue Jan 03, 2023 10:50 pm

She knows a lot about Thorn, Baron Arkov, the various big players in the Lake States (including Markadian and his family) and the general history of this part of the world. She has a network of spies that mostly operate in Ianstown and Brandermill, and has contacts throughout the Lake States and into Ghastavon and Iolore.

She knows secrets yo!

Now keep in mind, there is some stuff that she won’t talk about like her last conversation with Thorn or where Arkov is now and what he is doing.

There is also some stuff about herself that she won’t tell you even under certain threat of death.

She probably won’t dish on any really good stuff until you swear that Blood Oath, but even without that she could clue you in on something juicy. One way to find out!

This thread is open for comment for as long as you are in association with her.
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