Put Fendrick to Work!

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Put Fendrick to Work!

Post by Dave » Fri Mar 29, 2019 9:52 pm

In the spirit of railroading you guys:

Should you decide to go to Mantol-Derith to try to open up trade with svirneblin, you guys might want to consider looking into some trade connections for yourselves.

If you guys manage to make a deal, this would be the place to post regular orders of goods for the Horn. Prices are book. Except for ball bearings. Serious inquiries only.

You can set up weekly shipments, or even special order items (for a modest premium of course). You could even get hirelings more down with Karamaka than your current staff! Just imagine the on-boarding process. HR can be murder sometimes...

Anyways, that’s all contingent on you guys going to Mantol-Derith. The local trade center. Where anything can be bought or sold. Well, not anything. Something cool for sure. And sometimes your coin is not what the seller wants.

And there could be an opportunity to enlist the Orcs to your cause.
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