Drinking With Gurmadden

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Drinking With Gurmadden

Post by Dave » Fri Apr 05, 2019 10:28 pm

This picks up where I remember us leaving off last Tuesday: in the Flawed Ruby, drinking/hanging out with Gurmadden. This will be RR (railroady), but can go RP if you guys post up. Feel free to ask questions!

Gurmadden is a young adult deep gnome. He is handsome by Svirneblin standards and is very affable. You can tell by his interactions with the other deep gnomes around that he is generally well-liked.

You guys heard he was a bard, and during the time in the Flawed Ruby more than one person tried to get him to play something on his balalaika. He eventually agreed, and proceeded to play a pretty hilarious tune about a young svirneblin man who decides to wrestle a purple worm to show his love for the “ruby of his eye,” only to be rudely dealt with by a pack of kobolds. By the time the fourth refrain came around, Kargian and his entourage left. Kargian was muttering something about Gurmadden being an ‘ill-mannered dolt’ on his way out the door. When the bridge was played, the entire bar sang “yes indeed, he got a ruby in his eye,” and everyone was laughing. He played just the one tune, citing not wanting to be rude to the esteemed guests of the day.

During the course of the time that the Forsaken hang out with him, he offers up the following things in no particular order:

He thinks Kargian is a paranoid boob. Still, maybe a third of the population supports him. He was a pretty good warrior who was in the right place at the right time when the last king was killed.

He tells you that he learned that song he played from Henkala. Maybe he can talk her into coming over to the Flawed Ruby for a duet while you guys are in town sometime.

He calls Briddick “Bigstick” a few times on account of the club that he must carry around in his ass. Even so, he does let on that he respects him.

He likes Jalless, and thinks she is very tense. You also pick up the vibe that he would like to bang her, but is leery of approaching her.

Whenever he gets good and smashed, he heads over to Pingtu’s place to talk to the old Seer. He finds that having an altered state of mind makes it easier to follow the old mans revelations.

He gets out of Blingdenstone on a fairly regular basis. His typical haunts are Mama Steve’s House of Pancakes, and Mantol-Derith. He has made the trek to Freestone a few times, but theres been a big build up of Drow forces along the way. He thinks they are probably prepping to invade the Illithid territories.

He doesn’t really care who wears the Grim Crown if it is recovered. He says: “I mean, maybe I should wear it! Why not me? I’m sure there will be those who frown upon such a wise and well conceived choice, but they just prove that it should be Grim King Gurmad... Hmm, I hadn’t thought about that “Grim” part till now. Maybe it shouldn’t be me.” He drinks deeply to that one.

Mantol-Derith is a Drow holding. They built and maintain it.

The “Head” of Mantol-Derith is Erelda Hez-Elth. Her house is a major merchant house of the Drow. Gurmadden doesn’t think she called for the ban on Svirneblin in M-D. Her house made a fortune off of the salt that Blingdenstone produced. He thinks that she has to be furious about the whole thing.

Mantol-Derith has some basic rules that keep the peace. Everyone there pretty much follows them for fear that everyone else will gang up on them to beat them to a pulp, strip them down, bind and gag them, then throw them into the bottomless pit in the middle of the trading post if they don’t.

The Covenant
Don’t steal
Don’t disguise your goods
Don’t use magic in your business dealings
Deadly violence won’t be tolerated

About that last one: everyone understands that sometimes a bitch slap has to be given. Everyone understands that an uncalled for bitch slap warrants a response. Exchange pleasantries, then move on. No collateral damage.

All kinds of stuff can be found in Mantol-Derith. Really. It’s situated in a cultural crossroads of sorts and everyone brings something to the table. Gold doesn’t always get what you want, and it is considered poor form to ask what the price is.

If you present as Svirneblin or say that you act on their behalf in public, word will spread quickly. Then no one will deal with you.

If you guys are so inclined, Gurmadden will answer questions on pretty much anything. He is pretty deep in his cups yo.
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