So You Want To Attack a Drow Hideout

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So You Want To Attack a Drow Hideout

Post by Dave » Wed May 29, 2019 10:02 pm

Post up here guys.

Things you know:

1. There will be traps.
2. They will try to draw you deep into the building.
3. They use ambush tactics.
4. Once they commit, they will fully commit.
5. They like to attack with ranged weapons, and you won’t be able to tell where they are coming from.
6. You probably won’t see a whole lot of arcane firepower.

Briddick adds that he isn’t sure how many there will be. Maybe as many as 18 or so, but maybe less. Certainly not more than a couple of dozen...

Good luck gentlemen. This will be a tough fight.
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Re: So You Want To Attack a Drow Hideout

Post by Kyle » Thu May 30, 2019 8:25 am

Well, we know we suck at stealth. Unless we invis. Going invis, trying to sneak, and praying is always a valid method to get past the entrance. After that, do we have forms of light to try and both harm the drow and hopefully negate some of the shadowy hiding abilities.

We have a shadow, it can also help by sneaking into spaces or rooms. It can also sneak fairly well.

If we can get them close quarter vs ranged thats also helpful. Ambush and guerrilla tactics are fire and move, if we can stop that in some form, that may help. Even if we cut off the egress or seal them into rooms that may help.

First off, Britick Can you draw a rudimentary map of what the area looks like inside?

If we can prevent
A. Us clustering up
B. Large open areas
C. Retreat routes for the enemy
D. When confronted we need to not sit still, we need to keep mobile, use terrain to our advantage if possible
E. Expect to be overwhelmed and have contingencies
F. Expect them to know the area and tactics far better then we do
G. We have magic, we need to make that our advantage.
H. We can disguise ourselves... use that
I. We can invis, use that
J. We can fly, use that

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Re: So You Want To Attack a Drow Hideout

Post by Dave » Thu May 30, 2019 10:35 am

Briddick can't provide a map of the building. This area was the first to be abandoned over 20 years ago.

He tells you that it is most likely one story, with no basement. Access to the roof is from inside the structure. There are only a few windows around the front entrance, and a large door in the back which leads him to believe that it was some kind of manufacturing or processing facility.

He says about 5 years ago, they sealed up a tunnel that they discovered not too far from here. After you guys clear the building, he will check out that area again to make sure it is still sealed.
kyle wrote:The party then goes full retard

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Re: So You Want To Attack a Drow Hideout

Post by rgl2112 » Thu May 30, 2019 11:11 am

Unfortunately I don't have Daylight prepared...we weren't fighting vampires again. However I do have my coin with "Continual Flame" on it which is as bright as a torch, and I can cast "Light" on another object that has 20' bright and 20' dim. Those can both be thrown objects to light up locations inside the area.

I'm leaning towards a roof assault, we have rope and someone who can fly while invis to scout that location out. It's unexpected. Walking in the front door is not a survivable plan.

Once on the roof and can scout that access, we can either blow our way in or taunt them out and cover the exits.
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Re: So You Want To Attack a Drow Hideout

Post by DalamarD » Mon Jun 03, 2019 10:27 am

I unfortunately do not have daylight prepared either. But we can always camp right outside the doorway for 8 hours and re-memorize spells, right??

We do however have two flash bangs, so that could be a nice surprise for the drow.

Even with invis, I'm still clanking around like the tin man, so stealth is a no-go for me, but definitely viable for other folks while I'm acting as a walking distraction.

How much flying do we have? I am not much use at ranged, so if I had a way to close distance more easily, it would help.

I definitely think a frontal assault is a bad idea, which is why I assumed it would be our plan. If we can get up on the roof and proceed that way, I think it sounds at least marginally safer than waltzing in the front door.

Do any of our caster types have spells to disrupt arrows/bolts? Control winds, fog cloud, sleet storm, any of the walls (fire, stone, etc) or similar? Would at least buy us some time in a tight spot.

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