Talabrina’s Purse

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Talabrina’s Purse

Post by Dave » Sun Jun 23, 2019 9:08 pm

Talabrina’s Purse

Tied up to her body under her cloak was Talabrina’s Purse. It is only about 12 inches long with a 6 inch wide opening, and made of a very supple leather. The craftsmanship is superior. It is folded over itself, and closed by two leather belts.

When you open it to examine the contents, you find that it is much bigger on the inside. It contains the following items:

A stick pin/brooch of the sigil of House Duskryn. It is of a silver black metal, and is tastefully adorned with rubies and emeralds. The work is of very high quality.
A cocked hand crossbow loaded with a poison bolt (Con DC 13 drow poison)
2 daggers
3 flash bang grenades
2 Heal 1 potions
2 single use Sending gems
1 set of thieves tools made of the same silvery black metal as the brooch
A very detailed map of most of Blingdenstone and the surrounding area- there are no sketches of the labyrinth, only where it opens into the city and its entrance from the cavern outside of the town.
A compact set of basic map making tools, quills with ink, and a few blank pieces of vellum
What you assume is a weeks worth of drow field rations in the form of something not unlike trail bars
500 gp in mixed gems and trade bars
A scroll with one casting of Teleport
A small leather bound journal of the same material as the purse, kept closed by a single buckled belt. The script in the journal is in a fine hand, and is similar in form to the elvish of the surface. It is written in code. Perhaps there is someone around who can help you break it...

As a magic item-
Talabrina’s Purse- holds up to 25 lbs, not exceeding 10 cu.ft. Bag weighs 2lbs regardless of what is in it.
Can use a bonus action to retrieve a specific item from the bag.
Interacts with other extra-dimensional spaces as Bag of Holding.
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