Blood Contract

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Blood Contract

Post by rgl2112 » Wed Nov 15, 2017 9:03 am

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By Karamaka's Will

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Re: Blood Contract

Post by Dave » Wed Nov 15, 2017 9:12 am

Easier to read version:

Behold on the First day of Treven, in the Seven Hundred Twelfth Year After Oracle, in the Fifth Age of Arre a perpetual Compact is made between Arch Bishop Adrastus Thorn (hereafter the Master) and those who would be bound to him as his acolytes (hereafter the Bound). Both the Master and the Bound shall hold fast and true to this Compact through all trial and tribulation. By Blood and Soul the Bound commit to the Compact and swear it will never be undone.

The Bound shall know and understand the Four Loyalties:

The First Loyalty is to their Patron and Goddess- Karamaka, the Once Lich and Queen of the Dead and Undead. They shall do all that can be done to further Her worship, and Her glory.

The Second Loyalty is to their Master- He who is called Arch Bishop Adrastus Thorn, High Priest of Karamaka. They shall do the Master no harm and obey his every commandment as long as those commandments do not clash with the First Loyalty.

The Third Loyalty is to their companions- the other Bound that serve alongside them. The Bound shall deal with each other fairly and honorably as long as doing so does not clash with their First or Second Loyalties. All treasure, wealth and reward garnered in their exploits will be equally shared with all of the Bound who aided in its acquisition.

The Fourth Loyalty is to themselves- for Karamaka is the Queen of Ambition and all who serve her should strive to become great and powerful in Her service as long as doing so does not clash with their First, Second, or Third Loyalties. By their weakness, you shall know the Unworthy.

The Bound swear that they cleave to and uphold the Four Loyalties even in Death and Damnation.

The Master swears that as long as the Four Loyalties are upheld, he shall reward the Bound as they deserve for their deeds.

Thus it is written, and thus it shall be.
We being of sound mind and free will do so swear and let they who violates this Compact know all the Wrath of Hell unending.
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