Cinematic Experience Points

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Cinematic Experience Points

Post by Dave » Fri Mar 13, 2020 10:11 pm

To add a chance to earn XP, while adding to the game.

Cinematic Experience Points

Instant awards for describing a scene. Thinking of an Indy/LotR moment.

It can happen at any time, but certainly not every time.

Combat is the easy one. Describe the crit. Describe the kill. Crits for minions/puds earn low, boss crits/kills earn high. As cheestacular as Legolas vs the Oliphant was, it was as over the top cinematic as it gets. So something in that vein is what we are talking about.

Exploration- there’s gotta be a way to earn here. I think it would have something to do with putting together plot lines and clues to other things happening. Should be more ways to earn. Maybe branching out to campaign development. Looking for feedback and ideas here.

Roleplay- there is a moment from a text sidebar that comes to mind. Russ once described a scene in which his pc took a bite from an apple. It was described in a way that made it very cinematic, kinda like when Indy met Belloq in the cafe. It was a terrific display of who the character was.

First reward is Inspiration. If you already have a token, you get xp.

XP awards will depend on level. It’s not intended to be milkable, but to inspire involvement. It’s also situational. I don’t really know how that will impact the award, just that it will.

Kinda thinking that the Forsaken could pop about 250xp for something that is not only cinematic but also has that special something.
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