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Fineas' Journal Page

Post by Dave » Wed Nov 13, 2019 9:36 pm

Asadak 23 712AO- Everett- The Brightson’s Rest Inn

What an interesting development today! We were approached by a so-called holy man who was full of talk about visions and angels and so forth. He claimed these spirits had driven him to stop the wickedness that has been going on in the Horn of Abaddon. His spirits had almost mentioned us by name even! Calling us to our destiny! I am truly flattered.

He delivered us his pitch and then gave us a pile of information including maps, names, and so much more. Really, he did everything but give us keys to the front door.

Of course, I don’t accept such gifts without a fair degree of skepticism. I asked Vethia to trail the “Holy Man” and our fears turned out to be justified. She saw our angel-speaker slip into a side alley and transform into a dark haired and much younger human.

Vethia followed the human through the streets of Everett and saw him rendezvous with a strange white-haired woman with a white raven on her shoulder. He called her “Z.”

They didn’t say much to each other. All she said was “It is done. The ninth is finished.” I am unsure exactly what that means, but clearly we are being used in some sort of double-cross between various factions of the cult that now occupies the Horn. Ah, evil doers. They never change.

So, they want us to be their assassins eh? Well, it’s a job we don’t mind doing. We’ll be cautious about this information obviously. I think it is likely to pan out. They wouldn’t want their dupes to fail after all, would they? Of course, when we’re done I think we will pay the “holy man” a little visit. Vethia is pretty sure the woman in is staying at the Auld Briarhall Inn in Old Iraen.

Vethia never ceases to impress me. She tracked a shapeshifter through a half mile of city, managed to eavesdrop on a private guarded conversation and report back without even a ripple of trouble. I must make sure to give her proper recognition in the report to Recon Command.

We leave for the Horn Tomorrow. I feel it in my bones. This is the big one! After this, I know the Banner Verdant will never be the same!
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