Siege of the Horn By Lord Valin Darrian

The adventures of the party as recorded by the Chronicler
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Siege of the Horn By Lord Valin Darrian

Post by jbvholli » Tue May 19, 2020 6:56 pm

Penetrated our walls,and eliminated our 400 skelletts
Bypassed our glyphs-Pretor tried to activate them
Forsaken pull back to the 2nd and then 3rd floor.
Gooders come up the ladder, and we try to stop them.
Pretor hanging out in Meditation room with Cinnamon and Durok and some troops and shadows when Lord Darrian teeps into the circle with his guards and two casters, Stick and Buddy Jesus.
Saget floats up the ladder and gets dispelled. They fall down the ladder.
Cinnamon gums up and gives one of them a level of exhaustion. Subsequently takes melee damage and then Stick lights up the room with radiant damage spell. The orcs get killed, shadows dispelled and Lord D comes up and melees with Pretor and Durok challenges.
Frevin the Minotaur gets converted to aged beef after getting in one good charge, which he missed.
Rest of party screaming at Pretor to beam our of there through the open door.

The Forsaken in the antechamber next to the staircase to the upper level convince Vexor to engage the paladins in the hallway. Lord Darrian and Buddy C engages him.

Pretor telepathically convinces Durok to beam out with him as he counters a spell from Buddy.

Vexor isn't up to the challenge and is apparently Banished by a timely spell. Pretor voices that he's likely to come back in a minute.
Amadeus sets up a Wall of Force to hold back the invading Paladins while the rest of the party reasseses their situation.

It looks like a couple of gooders and Sagat were killed, but Lord Darrian and others are rooting around ob scena.

Pretor and Durok get away to room 3-7 with the rest of the party. An uneasy slowdown in the action occurs with wall of fire cast into the room. The battle continues with the Forsaken knowing that the scourge of Avenar will need to come to them.
Pretor voices a plan to rouse Ezra from his inscrutable funk, refracting with his wraith coterie in the Fane. He moves quickly enough through the hall to the Fane, but is immediately waylaid by the Paladins led by Lord Darrian himself. They make short work of him and keep stabbing his lifeless corpse with extreme prejudice.

There are some combats in the hallway. Another wall of fire is placed in the antechamber, eliminating the remaining skeletons. Valak loses some more of his minions in ensuing combat. Durok is killed by combination of spell and actual melee with the Paladins.

Picket decides to use a precious spell to Dimension Door to the Fane. He observes a bizarre ritual which may have had some effect on the gooders onslaught. He then exhorts Ezra the Thrice Damned to action. Ezra takes a moment to tell Picket that the ritual will continue with or without the help of the Forsaken. Ezra's ritual comes to a climax, an effect that pervades the entire floor, and seems to at least rattle the opponents. Leaving the room, having lost respect for the Wraithlord, Picket rejoins the fray, firing off his fell Circle of Death with telling effect.

Knowing that the ritual will fail if the Lord Paladin is eliminated, Xander does his best to juggle combat and healing, countering a spell, whilst staying close and attempting to make sure he can keep his date with Lord Valen.

Lord Darrian and his remaining force break through to the antechamber and move towards the stairs. Valak and Tim draw together to engage Darrian, who breaks past them.

In the subsequent melee, Stick and Buddy Crist are knocked out. Picket casts timely Fireballs and attempts to follow the action. Amadeus adds his own deadly magic to the hallway conflagration.

Ezra and company phase through the walls and set upon Lord Valen Darrian, attacking him. After Valak lays him low, Ezra psychopathically decides to forsake the party's plan, attempting to turn Darrian into another one of his subject wraiths. Evil feeds on itself in the ensuing combat while Amadeus, Xander and Valak engage the Horn's most forbidding inhabitant. A shock goes through the room as the dread wraith is damned a fourth time by Valak.

Picket moves into join the remaining defenders. Xander makes sure to Revivify Lord Darrian as well as Pretor's dead ass. Vexor returns from his untimely banishment.

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