Her Darkest Hour

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Her Darkest Hour

Post by Dave » Sat Oct 09, 2021 4:56 pm

Sembethe feared this moment would come despite all of her efforts to avoid it. She had watched their advance through the Vale, guiding it’s defenders as best she could. There were many paths that the Forsaken could have taken that would have prevented them from making it this far, but only one that could lead them here.

Her visions of their arrival began about a month ago, but they were very difficult to interpret. All she could tell was that a great evil was coming to the Vale, and it would bring with it a fire of burning blood.

She shared her visions with the Lord Abbott hoping his wisdom would help to make sense of what she was seeing. He tried to allay her concerns by reminding her of the defenses of the Vale. After all, Saintsbridge guarded the way and it had never fallen. Only the halflings seemed to share her concerns.

It wasn’t until the Forsaken’s army arrived that she learned why it was so hard for her to find meaning in her visions. She came to realize that the presence of the oracle that traveled with them was somehow distorting her sight, though she didn’t know how. Even her old friend Anteus could not explain it.

Now so many of her friends and beings that she had come to know were dead. The barrier was preventing the life forces of the fallen celestials from returning to their home planes. She fears that they may become twisted or even lost forever as a result.

She had tried her best to save them all, but now may not even be able to save herself. She has readied herself and prepared the Master of Serenity as best as she could. She is grateful the the last survivors of the Heavenly Herd and Sirius’ pack have joined her. She prays that they will survive, though she knows her god cannot hear her in this her darkest hour.
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